Welcome To HoloBeing: A Well-Kept Secret For Building Holistic Business Success

By Lesley Glenner

Have you ever found yourself stuck between a rock and a hard place? Maybe you’ve felt as if your professional self and your personal self haven’t been syncing up leading you to self doubt. Or have you ever had a friend mention to you that you seem different, and you realized how right she was, but that this change in you wasn’t necessarily a good thing?

Sometimes we end up in places in our lives where achieving our end goals feels like a remote possibility. Even if we’re passionate about what we want to achieve we don’t always know how to fully unlock the hidden warrior inside of us. Or we don’t think it’s possible in the first place. You might have said to yourself “If only I had the resources to realize my business dreams” a few dozen times. But each time you discovered you weren’t making any real progress.  The good news is this frustration you feel isn’t something you’re always going to experience. Because, with the right tools, mindset and mentors and community, thousands of possibilities can open up for you.

We constantly hear about the fears, doubts and struggles that healer types and holistic practitioners face. We really get that connecting the pieces of your professional and personal life takes something. So we’ve created a way to make the journey just a little bit easier for you.

And with that, we think we should formally introduce ourselves to you. Hello, weary and exceptional traveler. We are HoloBeing Wholeness Center and Healers’ Space and it’s so good to meet you.

We are more than just another building you might have seen the other day. We are a buzzing wholeness center and the professional home and incubator for practitioners of wellness and healing.

Within our 3 offices, we house 20(!) holistic practitioners looking for furnished office space, community and support in building or upleveling their business. As part of our service we offer the HoloPreneur Program (a twelve month journey) that helps business owners combine their holistic approach to real business development. Through our hands-on, in-person program, you’ll find dynamic, creative approaches to delivering holistic services. We want you to feel empowered in quite literally “taking care of business” to follow your unique business path!

But this is NOT just another trendy, bright and shiny program. It’s the real deal, and it’s psychologically informed and custom tailored for every member. By the end of your journey, you’ll have dived deep into understanding your gifts and lay out a business plan that’s going to take you far. But even better still- your relationship to your business will be healthy, the two of you will be securely attached! We’re excited to begin sharing more content with you along the way, introducing concepts we believe will truly elevate your ability to reach your professional and personal goals. We are going to walk you through every aspect of this program, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves! Let’s first take a step back so you can see how we will provide a customized journey of healing, clarity and understanding.

What Is HoloBeing?

At its core, HoloBeing is a wellness center, founded and opened in 2011. But what it has to offer extends much further than the typical holistic communities you may be familiar with. And much of that is thanks to the HoloPreneur Program- the beating heart of HoloBeing and a truly unique offering which provides the necessary steps you’ll need to land your goals.  As our name suggested, we are committed to helping our clients find and express their most whole and healthy selves.

You have the capacity to exceed your limits and live as your truer self. With a dynamic community of fellow travelers by your side you’ll gain access to tools, perspectives and business essentials for building the practice that mirrors your highest alignment.

In 2011, I opened the doors to HoloBeing. Initially I planned to start my private practice in psychotherapy but I soon realized a much greater goal; to create a home for healer types to co-create, grow and thrive so that they could be the most effective practitioners for their clientele. The road to bring HoloBeing to her full (and ever-evolving) glory of today has witnessed many bumps along the way. It took tenacity, courage, vision and blood, sweat and tears (mostly tears) to find solid ground and it continues to do as we speak.

But, I wouldn’t trade the blood, sweat and tears for anything. It was because of my own willingness to dig deep, ask and answer the tough questions and to be honest and vulnerable IN COMMUNITY that I arrived at a place where I can feel pleased and confident. As an aspirational human I am committed to the evolving process and refining the rubric that worked for me and made this venture all the more worthwhile. I clearly see how I can provide others with what I have learned so that other soulful business owners can achieve holistic success on their own terms.

The Holopreneur Program

No matter if you’re newly starting out, or already have a stable business the HoloPreneur Program is customized to your specific business development needs. By getting intimate with the Five Pillars of Success, you’ll be setting yourself up to actualize YOUR vision for the future!

These pillars include:

  •      Community
  •      Budgeting + Finance (personal + professional)
  •      Professional Shadow
  •      Your Offering (Product Development)
  •      Authentic Marketing + Sales

Each pillar needs the others to traverse the road to healing and the business goals you seek. It’s what sets this program apart, allowing you to evaluate the psychological and emotional components that are oftentimes ignored. It’s one thing to set yourself up with the right business tools. But it’s also important to check in with YOU too.

That means examining how you view certain aspects of your business on a whole other level. And the program truly lays everything out on the table for you for a well-rounded and informative experience.

Exploring A New Set Of Options

Getting outside of one’s comfort zone is never easy but it is a vital aspect of growth.  After honing my own skills I’ve taken all I’ve learned to lay out a program that covers all of your bases. Many of our practitioners come to us after having already invested up to thousands of dollars in trendy online ‘business schools’ and virtual 90-day programs. Our practitioners are savvy and informed but they got ‘missed’ in the process and need to integrate themselves back into their business plans. The HoloPreneur Program is special because while you define or redefine your business plan, you have the chance to heal yourself too. Most of our clients are not true Start Ups, they are sole proprietors who literally are their business. Inevitably , the HoloPreneurs Program will lead you to use your incredible gifts to help other find wholeness as you intend to. This program is not a bandaid, but instead is a path which can truly mend the spirit. 

At times, we all are challenged by or are unsure how to handle finances, marketing and other aspects of running a business. We can get lost while trying to find our way or feel discouraged that things don’t seem to work out. However, there’s always time to change tactics, think outside the box and try again. The Holopreneur Program will help you structure exactly how you’re going to pursue these changes and steady your feet to deliver excellent service for your clients (and yourself).

If you’re ready to take that first step towards investing in yourself and the future of your business, then it’s time read more about our program. Our intention is for you to feel like you’re standing on solid ground and feel confident in your choices. We already see the potential in you and want you to be prepared, whether you’ve just started or are ready to recommit your intentions. Stay tuned for even more insights and a dynamic look into what this program has the power to achieve.

In (Evolving) Wholeness,


Lesley Glenner is a Psychotherapist, Holistic Business Coach and HoloBeing Founder.  Click here to read more about Lesley.

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