Are you experiencing difficulty with getting over your abortion?

This is a vulnerable, sensitive time that can be tough. But if you make sure to get the right support and commit to your own self-care, you will make it through this time with less suffering, and even be transformed by the process.

Are You Still Struggling to Make Sense of your Abortion?

  • Perhaps you are feeling regret about your decision to have an abortion
  • Sometimes women feel so much emotion and sensation after an abortion that they become overwhelmed or numbed out
  • Some women struggle because they feel that the procedure is over and physically they’ve recovered but emotionally they feel very fragile
  • You may be worried that you’ve injured your body during the abortion procedure
  • You may fear that you wont be able to get pregnant in the future as punishing for having an abortion
  • You may think that feel that you should just move on with your life and stop dwelling on the past
  • Are you having trouble sleeping or focusing at work or school because you can’t seem to get any peace of mind because of your abortion?
  • Many women get upset because they thought they’d feel relief but they are left with grief.

These are common reactions to a recent abortion...

  • Feel sad and tearful
  • Feel afraid, upset, confused, messy, paradoxical feelings.
  • Feel guilty about having had an abortion.
  • Struggle to know where to turn for support.
  • Feeling like you don’t deserve love or care.
  • Feeling alone because nobody knows what you just went through.

If you feel any of these things, don’t give up.

I am Lesley Glenner.. I have worked with women and couples for years to help them make sense of an Abortion decision. I offer a truly unbiased and judgment-free perspective to help you navigate this important decision with as much support, awareness and care as possible. As a former psychotherapist and now therapeutic coach, I am available as an empathic ear for your struggles with fear, anxiety, terror, depression, loss of relationship, loss of the life you thought you’d have as you wrestle with this deeply personal and complex issue.

You are not alone.

Many women who are faced with an unplanned pregnancy feel that it is one of the most complicated, difficult and emotionally challenging things they have ever experienced. Abortion is a multi-faceted issue and brings up complex feelings in many categories; emotional, relational, religious, spiritual, financial, biological, generational, etc. The decision to have or not have an abortion asks you to delve deep into our minds and hearts to find truth that is very specific to You and your current life circumstances. While doctors help their clients to deal with the physical aspects of abortion, they are often unprepared to address the emotional pieces of grieving, making sense of a decision, finding peace within, communicating what needs to be said (and what doesn’t) and rebuilding ones life.

But you may have some concerns about talking to me… You may say…

Nobody can help me, my problem is too nuanced, what good is coaching?
You’re partially right, it is nuanced. Your decision can only be made by you. I can help you to hear your wisest self.

It’s too painful to talk about, I’m afraid to talk about it.
Sometimes talking about it can feel scary or painful initially. However, it’s a little known secret that when we talk about something, when we give it air, its power over us diminishes. It takes emmense bravery to feel our feelings and when we do we are generously rewarded in the form of deep inner peace and integration.

My abortion(s) is my biggest secret, what if someone I know finds out?
Coaching is 100% confidential. No body will know that you’re in coaching or what you’re discussing. You have total control about how much you share and will whom. I am here to provide a safe, respectful space for you to be yourself in.


Lesley specializes in safe, nonjudgmental, agenda-free abortion counseling. Lesley holds the space for you to explore, process and find the answers that are right for YOU.

Are you ready to take the next step?

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I hope that this ebook helps you undertand all the feelings you’re having as you face into this issue. I would love to help you navigate this decision so that you can find peace, either way, or even find peace with a past abortion decision that may be haunting you.

Take care,


Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right doing, there is a field, I will meet you there. – RUMI

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