Did you Leave Your Power with you Ex?

by Kelly Walsh.

Did you leave your power with your ex…along with some books, clothes, and that really nice mug you used for tea?

2016.06 582Even if the break-up was sooooo long ago, when you think about the relationship there’s that queasy feeling in your stomach that makes you want to reach for the GOOD chocolate.

It’s that feeling that something is unresolved and perhaps there’s a belief of not being good enough, or the heaviness of shame which creates a fog so it’s hard to see just how we ended up in such an unpleasant situation.
That’s when we know we’ve given away our power and our body, heart, and Soul are reminding us where we left it and that it’s time for it to return to home.

And if we’ve done it in one area of our life, chances are, we’re doing it in other areas: work, health, friendships, family.

I woke up a few mornings ago from a dream that was reminding me of some seriously uncomfortable places in relationships where I’ve given away my power.

Before diving into healing work I went to art school. As a child, what I valued and desired most of all was to feel the Divine move through me as I danced, sang, drew, and played the piano. I saw what this looked like in others and I too wanted be moved in such a beautiful way.

The pain for me in this was in not being naturally skilled in any of those areas. My body wouldn’t move the way I wanted it to, my voice struggled to stay on key, my drawings didn’t come out as a saw them in my head, and despite spending countless hours practicing at the piano, the music didn’t flow through me out into the world.

Because I desired and valued artistic expression so much, I found myself in relationships with those who were naturally talented and I lived my life through them– their artistic expression felt like mine, and as long as I was close to them, I would be ok. I let me worth be based on who I was with.

This dream made me realize that I had surrendered my power to boyfriends, art school, friends, galleries, and studios. Good grief, it was all over the place! No wonder I’ve felt queasy out on the dance floor, singing happy birthday, or trying to share my artistic vision.

My first thought was that I needed to go on a retreat to deal with this giant conundrum and then I realized that what I was trying to do was escape the discomfort, so instead I brought the old pattern out into the open by sharing it with my sisters so this thing couldn’t hide in the dark the way it had been and now I will be held accountable for showing up for myself in a more empowered way. (You can read more stories of reclaiming power in our #PowerWisdomPurpose group HERE).

Now that I have awareness of where I’ve been releasing my power to other people and situations, I can claim my responsibility to open the doorway to the Divine and feel connected.

So, if you haven’t already seen it, you can find me dancing and letting the Divine move through me on the #PowerWisdomPurpose Facebook group in celebration of the women committed to the Power Wisdom Purpose 12-week course. HERE is your access to it, PLUS you get tools to share your own stories of forgetting and remembering, reclaiming YOUR power, and connect with other women doing the same, as well as a time sensitive bonus from me.

Practices such as Yoga, CranioSacral Therapy, Somato-Emotional Release, and Spirit Medicine help to release the limiting beliefs that keep us stuck in unhealthy patterns of giving away our power. When those patterns are resolved, then we feel a deeper connection to our personal power, ourselves, and the Divine.  This is what we spend the first intensive focusing on in the 12-week Power Wisdom Purpose course.

When we reclaim our power, we then have so much more energy to walk our path with confidence while trusting our intuition and inner wisdom.

If you’re ready to powerfully step into your purposeful work in the world and lead by the wisdom of your heart to live wild and free, then I hope you’ll join us for the 12-week Power Wisdom Purpose course for Soul-centered women in Embodying your Power, Accessing your Wisdom, and Illuminating your Purpose for taking inspired action in the work that feeds your Soul. We begin on March 20th.

Aloha & Sisterhood,


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