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Ho lo pre neur

noun | verb.

1. A soulful business owner who craves a holistic approach to business-building and is committed to the practice and process of becoming whole in relation to ones profession.

Synonyms: businessman/woman, heartful seeker, solopreneur, optimist, warrior, heart-centered practitioner, determined & courageous.

Professional Growth Fellowship Circle

A place for holopreneurs to realize personal + professional transformation in Community.

After years offering a business development program dedicated to personal growth AND creating a flourishing practice we repeatedly notice that the essential element of growth is COMMUNITY. A foundation of solid community gives us the will to keep moving toward the Mystery that calls to each of us.  It guides us to overcome the obstacles that stand in our way and the shadows that call out to us from our pasts.

Community sees the Hero’s Journey that we are each on, providing us with the necessary support at each turn; Reflection. Holding. Guidance. Wisdom. Celebration. Reminding us who we are really. Reminding us why we are on our path.

While some practitioners come to our program without a business training of any kind, others arrive with various levels of training and savvy from prior programs (sometimes from those with the one-size-fits-all business-building approach). But we find that even with official training in their pocket, most practitioners lack the true support to really implement all they know.

There is no one-size-suits-all recipe for building a thriving wellness business. We know this. That’s why The Fellowship Circle isn’t like any other business or marketing programs. The practice of being consistently seen and held is a medicine for the modern world. Community provides us with vibrancy and variety so that we can see things we previously couldn’t– solutions, ideas, directions, meaning.

The Fellowship Circle is a year-long immersion in an intentional, holistic community. We blend individual coaching with group work to create meaningful change. We are the only professional development offering that works side-by-side with wellness practitioners to heal your business battle wounds, operationalize your offering in a way that works for you, increase your financial savvy and develop a secure relationship with your business, all within a safe, nourishing space.

We reject the notion that your healing practice is ‘just business’. We believe that you deserve to do what you live and to love what you do; that’s the livelihood you are called for. And we know that our community can support you as you create this kind of a livelihood for yourself – one that feels aligned, true and in integrity with who you are.


Community isn’t a luxury. It’s essential. It’s Soul Food.

Who is the program for?

Our community members are courageous, holistic business owners who want to thrive doing work they love. They seek community & insights to help them find the sweet spot: An authentic, lucrative livelihood that aligns with who they are, what they value, and how they like to work.


Our Program is perfect for these 3 types of business owners: 

NEW PRACTITIONER – Wanting Guidance + Camaraderie

Fellowship circles at HoloBeing have held and guided dozens of brand new practitioners as they find their authentic path to right livelihood and blossom their work into the Community. When you are new to private practice, communing with peers at different stages of their business is like gold. Reflection from caring practitioners and Lesley and Alexandra’s gift for supporting new practitioners to find their feet, can relieve a good deal of the anxiety and loneliness that new practitioners encounter.

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UNFULFILLED PRACTICE – Needing actionable Goals + Support 

If you have been building your practice for many months or years, and you are not where you want to be, we welcome you whole-heartedly.  The circles are a place where you can get clarity on what hasn’t been working, and why, and how to ‘move the needle’ in the correct direction for your growth.  The elements of reflection, loving accountability and support that the circles provide can hold you as you implement new strategies and ways of being in your business.


STABLE PRACTICE – Ready to Refine and Deepen

If you have built a stable practice that has been fulfilling you and providing for you, you may be ready to take your practice to an even deeper level of authentically supporting your life and your goals.  And, or, you may be fulfilled with your clients but craving a community of peers on the same path of authentic livelihood – to share the ups and downs, to help you plan for your future, and to celebrate and hold you as you deepen.



This isn’t a typical coaching or business development course. It’s MUCH more.


Guidance and coaching are incredibly valuable, yet most coaching programs are extremely costly. We feel SO good about the professional growth circles, which offer countless opportunities for increased self-awareness and personal growth, as well as the clarity that often comes from coaching.


Our personal wounds and shadows will inevitably carry over into our journey for healthy livelihood. The circles are made to skillfully hold you as you move through wounds and shadows, and this is the gold of potent transformation that takes place during our time together.


We believe in the power of practicality. Reflections and guidance can provide crystal clarity and perspective to resolve a blockage, or to determine which next step to take. We take a stand not just for having a Vision, but taking actionable steps that are aligned with all of who you are.


We can’t say enough about how the simple, repeated process of being witnessed and received fosters a knowing that you belong, that holds you even when circles aren’t in session. This is a safe space where your process, your fears and your successes will be lovingly witnessed by your fellow travelers.

Lesley Glenner headshot

Lesley Glenner

Informed by my own healed – and healing– wounds, I am committed to helping fellow travelers cultivate well-being through realizing personal truth. Dismissing trendy “deliverables” and forced behavioral change, I focus on increasing awareness and discernment- inviting you into the nuances and totality of your human experience. Almost daily, I bear witness to foundational breakthroughs with our clients and community members.
As a psychotherapist I specialize in Individual and Couples Counseling. As a business coach I work with clients on Professional Shadow, Workplace Attachment, Business Battle Wounds + Money Therapy. I am fortunate not only to do what I love, but also do what I live.

I have never been interested in doing things the ‘prescribed way’, which is why I long ago walked away from an 8-5 lifestyle to build a life doing what a love in a way that is healthy for all of who I am.  As an intuitive counselor, my work in the world is all about helping others recognize and let go of beliefs and patterns that don’t truly belong to them, and which cause more harm than happiness.  And helping others to recognize not only whatis true for them, but that what is true is the only and best path to take.  I bring a focus on and devotion to the uniqueness of each group member, and an unwavering belief that the path of least resistance is the path that follows ones own ways and values, and never anyone else’s.

Alexandra Davis


Real change takes awareness, support, and accountability.

We put the pieces together in a year-long program designed to nurture your personal & professional growth.

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The pulse of the program. Join Lesley and other practitioners in a weekly facilitated space for feedback, insight, camaraderie and bearing witness.



Find or refine your strategy for visibility so it aligns with your truth and your strengths, with intuitive guide Alexandra Davis.



We’re here for you. Really. Plus, Holopreneurs get promotion in our client network via our social media, website and community.



Strategize, heal business battle wounds, transform your money story, budget and set and achieve income goals in a private session with Lesley.



Put all the business nuts and bolts in place with our twelve-chapter DIY workbook.  This addresses your money history, goals, tracking and marketing.



Seeing and being seen accumulates, leading to a wealth of deep connections with other community members and holistic practitioners.

What people are saying

These are the kinds of things we hear from previous (and current) Holopreneurs.


An intimate co-working space for wellness practitioners. Holobeing has a simple essence that invites comfort. It’s vibrant, calming, elemental and skillfully simple. Along with an in-house community of practitioners, the space has everything you need to host clients. An intimate co-working space for wellness practitioners.

Guests and practitioners constantly tell us “It feels so good to be here.”

“Truth, like gold, is obtained not by its growth, but by washing away from it all that is not gold.”

-Leo Tolstoy-

The Investment

If you’ve gotten this far, it’s probably time you invested in yourself.
Here are our three most popular offerings.
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$150 / MONTH

12-Month program includes:

The Weekly Circle, The Workbook, 1 Coaching Session and an Intuitive Marketing Session. (6 and 9-month program options available on an as needed basis.)

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Everything offered in The Fellowship Program plus your bio on our website and office rental including use of the Holobeing co-working facilities, practice rooms and resources. Great for 1:1 sessions and small groups up to 9.

4 hours a week = $360
8+ hours a week = $570+


$640 / MONTH

For those interested in more intensive work and coaching with Lesley. Weekly growth sessions will help boost your results in a guided, supportive space.

Each session is a full hour.


There’s always something happening in our community! From our upcoming events and practitioner spotlight, to the latest in wellness news and resources you (shouldn’t) live without. Check in to see what’s on our radar.

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