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Frequently Asked Questions

Are You Taking New Clients?

Yes! I have spots available immediately and I am availability to work with you if you are ready to dive in! I offer a free 20 minute Meet & Greet (link to scheduler) and have availability for 60 and 90 minute sessions Mondays-Thursdays 8am-3pm MST. I have a waitlist for late afternoon and evening availability and may have openings in September 2023. 


Who Do You Work With?

I will work with anyone willing to do the deep work. My clients tend to be heterosexual monogamous couples who have some experience with personal work. I happily work with same sex couples and some non-monogamous couples as well.

I am a good fit for:

  • Parents, co-parents and parents of blended families.
  • Couples where one or both parents have neuro-divergence or ADHD traits.
  • Couples who grapple with fertility issues from IVF to miscarriages to abortion.

I am not a good fit for folks who are very religious or those who prefer faith-based approaches to couples work.


What Hours Do you Work? /Do you see Clients on Evenings and Weekends?

I have availability for 60 and 90 minute sessions Mondays-Thursdays 8am-3pm MST. 

I have a waitlist for late afternoon and evening availability and may have openings in September 2023. I do not offer weekend sessions except during 3 month intensives. To be added to the evening waitlist please email me at [email protected]

Are You A Licensed Therapist?

In short, no. I decided to forgo my license in March of 2020. I currently work with clients across the nation via Zoom (and in-person for intensives). I am a trained psychotherapist and worked as a registered unlicensed psychotherapist in that capacity from 2011-2020. I find that the coaching model allows me to be more expeditious with my clients because I can be more honest and direct with them, I can push them harder and I can work with the partners both jointly and severally. 

What is Therapeutic Coaching?

As a trained (formerly registered unlicensed) psychotherapist, I bring a therapeutic eye to your relationship- I am tracking attachment styles, relational toxins and corrosive habits, regulation, co-regulation, tone, non-verbals, prior wounding, etc.  and supporting you to find honest, examined and healthy ways of relating. The work helps couples improve their communication, resolve conflicts, and strengthen their relationship. As a guide I offer education, tools, insights, support and facilitation to practice the new skills needed to find or re-find harmony within your relationship.

We can address  a wide range of issues, including communication problems, trust issues, infidelity, sexual difficulties, parenting disagreements, financial conflicts, and more.

Will You Call Us Out? 

Definitely, but I prefer to say that I’ll call you in 🙂 I will support you in bringing your best self to your relationship and hold you accountable when you fall short of that. I will offer feedback, redirection, facilitation, and guidance to both partners. As I get to know you and your relationship I will offer real-time suggestions and tell you what I am thinking and seeing. I will not just bear witness to your relationship I will support you from inside the relationship dynamic. 

Can We See you Individually and Together?

Yes! That’s part of the beauty of the coaching model- while your relationship is my client I can work with both parties individually toward the common goals. Often its helpful for both partners to attend sessions together even when the focus if just on one partner but at other times we can be more productive meeting separately/ privately in order to really hone in a situation or dynamic without the other partner present. 


How Do you Deal with Infidelity?

This is always a tough one because each couple defines infidelity differently and is impacted in highly personal/ custom ways. Subsequently I don’t have a one-size-fits all answer for this question but what I can say is that we will address infidelity with care, curiosity and resect for all parties involved. When infidelity is an issue I recommend Esther Perel’s book “The State of Affairs”


How Long Does it Take to See Changes?

It depends on the unique needs of the couple and the severity of the issues they are facing. Also, are you ready to work? Are you able to meet regularly and do the homework/ practice items? Is there resistance? Are there outside factors in the way? If everything is in line most coupes see initial results within a month. If couples have years of repair work to do or bigger betrayals then naturally it takes longer. I assume that everyone is doing their best even when their best doing look so good. With that assumption we look for what tendencies and habits need to be examined and unlearned as much as what needs to be learned or smoothed out. I think couples would be well serves to set their sights on 9 months of work to transform their relationship in a lasting way.


How often will we need to attend sessions? Does it have to be weekly?

The frequency of couples sessions will depend on the couple’s schedule and availability, as well as my recommendation. In general,  sessions are held once a week or every other week. If you have special circumstances we will work together to find a mutually agreeable pace and frequency. For the first moth at least its best to come weekly, this will expedite the getting-to-know-you process so we can get into the good work!


What Are Your Fees?

I charge $195 for a 1-hour session and $255 for a 90-minute session.

Pricing for 3-month intensives in different, click here to learn more about pricing and details for intensives.


Is this covered by insurance? Do you provide a Superbill?

I do not accept insurance nor can I provide Superbills to submit for reimbursement. While I am a trained psychotherapist, I am operating as a coach and therefore cannot provide a diagnosis or treatment codes.

Many insurance plans cover traditional couples therapy. However, it’s best to check with your insurance provider to see what services are covered and what your out-of-pocket costs may be. You can search for an in-network therapist on directories like Psychology Today.


Who Do Your Clients Tend to Be?

My clients tend to be couples in their early 30s to mid 50s who;  1. Have an open-mindedness toward coaching and self reflection. (Don’t see seeking support as a weakness but a strength),  2. Have a growth mindset. (Are willing to learn new skills and habits),  3. Are looking to create win-win dynamics (vs a commitment to a win-lose/ zero sum game dynamic), and 4. Are fortified and health enough to be emotionally honest, vulnerable and deeply seen. 


How do we know if couples coaching is right for us?

This work can be helpful for any couple who is struggling with communication, conflict, or other relationship issues. If you and your partner are experiencing difficulties in your relationship and are willing to work on them together, this may be a good option for you. Above all else you need to find the right fit! A Meet & Greet call can help you feel out the chemistry, ask questions, share your goals and assess if I can be of benefit to your relationship.


Healing, true healing of current and ancient relational wounds, is at the core of my practice and my life. 

For over a decade, I have had the privilege of dedicating my career to guiding couples through the intricate and often challenging dynamics of their relationships. My successes have earned me a reputation for providing a compassionate, effective, and skills-based approach to coaching, which has helped innumerable couples heal and fortify the bonds that bring them together. I am deeply committed to empowering couples with the tools and insights they need to cultivate fulfilling and lasting partnerships, and I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to help people navigate the complex terrain of love and intimacy.

Throughout my career, I’ve seen firsthand the struggles that couples face, from communication breakdowns to infidelity and everything in between. And I have also witnessed the incredible resilience of the human spirit, and the power of love to heal even the deepest wounds. 

Less focused on offering “deliverables” or making forced behavioral changes, I care more about inviting you to step in to the totality of your human experience. From there, you can learn to ‘do better’ through increased awareness. The objective is to help you get to the very core of your challenges, so you may transcend them. At times this includes holding you accountable, challenging your story, or pushing you to dig deeper in order to grow. You can count on my direct, honest and compassionate style. Don’t expect a one-size-fits-all approach either; I treat you like the unique, complex being that you are.

Together we can map out a plan for you to embark on this phenomenal voyage of self-discovery and transformation–whether as couples, parents, business partners, or individuals. I know firsthand that there is freedom and wholeness on the other side of deep personal work and examination of relationships. I would be honored to share these beautiful, life-changing experiences with you.

I’m so glad you’re here.

In Wholeness,


Lesley Glenner

Lesley Glenner, MA.

Relationship Guide  Couples Expert Group Facilitator

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Parenting Matters

Parenting is a noble path and can lead to growth, deep healing and a lifetime a love. Learn to collaborate with your partner to raise your child(ren) with compassion, leadership and attunement.

Session Rate: $195/ hr

CEO/ Business Matters

A custom program focused on unlocking potential. When we have solid self-awareness we are empowered, inspired and engaged. Let’s take an honest look and sharpen your tools, together.

Session Rate: $195 / hour


Couples Work

Learn what true partnership is. Answer deep and vulnerable questions. Heal childhood wounds and be deeply known. Abiding love is possible once you possess the right tools.

Session Rate: $195 / hour

New! Quickbooks / Money Operations

For Therapists, Coaches + Holistic Practitioners!
Coaching for financial hygiene, literacy and organization with the deliverable of a fully functioning accounting system.

4 Month Program: $650/ month 

Money Matters

Whether we like it nor not, money plays a role in self-worth. Talking about your views on money will be helpful in uncovering your specific beliefs, which will allow you to understand how you value yourself.

Session Rate: $195 / hour

 Small Group Facilitation

Gather weekly in an intimate setting to see your professional blindspots,  heal business battle wounds, and get custom support in community. Integrate the  personal and professional.

6 Month Program: $150 / month


Lesley Glenner’s work is transformational. The women that I send to Lesley are held in a sacred space. Her ability to truly listen and respond to the deep needs of her clients is one of her great gifts to the world. We should all be so lucky to work with someone of Lesley’s caliber.”

Referring Colleague  | Boulder

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