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On Love, Belonging + Attachment [READ MORE]

Struggling with your partner on parenting issues?

Imagine expanding your capacity to love, to be loved, and to feel securely at ease with your family. Imagine feeling like your co-parent is your greatest ally and asset. Imagine tapping into expedited growth and healing through your relationships with you partner and kid(s).

Our partners are perfectly situated to trigger us and aggravate our deepest, most lasting wounds.

What we were taught implicitly about relationship during our very tender foundational years is relived again and again with the partners we choose.

If you’ve tried fixing how you “communicate” or tried to alter how you relate with your spouse by working on it yourself, you know how tricky it is to act as facilitator of solutions when you are deeply triggered.

Lesley Glenner is your guide to Conscious Co-parenting. As an attachment coach, Lesley holds space for couples to jointly work on the patterning they learned in early childhood, carried out with romantic partners, and still show up with their co-parent today.

Perhaps you’ve been reading self-help or therapy books for solutions. Perhaps you’ve even tried counseling or individual or couples therapy. But until you both commit to a unified process on which both of you can be seen, heard and validated, your family will not be able to find peace.

If not for yourself, please do this for your family. Seek to heal ancient wounds and develop a sense of lasting love and belonging for yourself, for your partner, and for your children who are learning to love based on how you interact with them and with each other.


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