Does money stress you out?
Do you feel perplexed by your money situation?
Do you find yourself recreating the money habits you experienced growing up?
Do you avoid money tasks (ie. bookkeeping, bill paying, budgeting, reconciling)?
Do financials cause problems in your relationship?
Do feel stuck at an income ceiling? Or are you experiencing a feast/ family cycle?
Are you finances in disarray?
Or perhaps you were raised with affluence but you can’t seem to create a solid income for yourself?
How Can I Work Through My Money-Related Stress?
I’m Lesley Glenner, and I believe that every person, regardless of their past or present financial situation, can cultivate and practice healthy attitudes toward money. If you were raised without financial resources, chanced are you have a money consciousness that comes from that familiar place. If you were raised with affluence, chances are you have never fully addressed your money-related concerns. And, growing up, money counseling was likely never a topic of discussion. Money is hard to talk about, especially if its a topic that causes angst. In fact, for many people, money is an even more taboo topic of discussion than sex, but working with me will help you express, clarify, and begin solving your financial fears.
In my method of money coaching, I offer a confidential container in which to name and examine your fears. We will look at your money patterns, track your money habits, and look at how your personal financial history might have taught you to believe certain things about money. We will work to establish functional tools for you to develop integrity around money. This can help you manifest wealth where you want it, and encourage you to think positively about your relationship with money.
Whether we like it nor not, money plays a role in self-worth. Talking about your views on money will be extremely helpful in uncovering your specific beliefs, which will allow you to understand how you value yourself. When you can be clearer about your values, you can develop more successful relationships in all parts of your life. Coaching with me can mitigate your feelings of hopelessness through mindfulness.
Awareness is the key to change—the key to creating the life you want, not just living the one you have!
This Sounds Like Something I Want To Do, But I’m Still Not Sure…
“I feel like I’m beyond help, and like no one understands. This was just how I was raised, and if I could change, wouldn’t I have changed by now?”
It is true that your money story and history is very particular to you, and it’s completely normal to feel like no one else can quite “get it.” But that is not a reason to believe you can’t be helped. When you explore your past and beliefs, you find pockets of revelation that will help you integrate and change your money story. What you really need is to feel empowered! Although it takes time to develop empowerment, working with a professional can help you safely and successfully create the change you need.
“Why would I spend money on coaching when money is my struggle? What could I possibly get out of spending more money?”
While it might seem counterintuitive to spend money to make peace with money, paying for coaching and spending in an intentional way is an investment in a long-term pattern shift. Where you put your money and thoughts dictates where you will see growth and change. This is not a gimmick, a Band-aid, or a solve-all potion. I am offering deep, foundational change—one that will change your relationship with money, and the return on your investment will be worth it.
“I’m afraid that seeking help will just increase my pain and shame—I’m afraid that bringing all of this up will just reinforce my anxiety.”
It takes a lot of courage to address our fears, and coaching is a wonderful place to do it. Working with me is confidential, private, safe, and I will never judge you for your thoughts or actions. Bringing up your struggles can feel frightening, but our goal will be to move past them, and go forward with courage. Only after understanding what’s going on can you begin to make substantive changes that will result in a more fulfilling life.
Why Should I Work With You On Money Counseling, Lesley?
Working with me will offer you a wide range of experience and expertise. 
Further, as an entrepreneur and business owner, I know the freedom, empowerment, and ease that comes with working to calm your money-related anxieties. I also have experience working with financial and business coaches, so I understand financial stress and solutions from many viewpoints.
I have a dynamic and direct approach to working with clients. I believe in doing really deep work, but we will focus on an engaging approach that will keep you feeling light and encouraged. Together, we will do work that will produce real results.
What Do I Do Next?
If you feel ready to put your financial worries to rest, please call to schedule an appointment at (720) 244-9665, or sign up for my newsletter to receive tips, stories, and advice to help heal your money wounds.
Despite your past and current relationship with money, you deserve a stress-free financial situation! I want to help you come to terms with your money-related anxieties, and guide you toward constructing the life you really want to live.

Lesley’s direct style and hands-on support will help you heal you money wounds and up-level your world.

Today’s a fine day for growth.

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