HoloPreneur: Breaking the Cycle & Giving by Getting

lesley-glennerLesley Glenner, owner of HoloBeing Wellness Institute in Boulder, CO. is an independent thinker. “I never felt comfortable with the status quo,” she says.

Before and after attending graduate school, Lesley worked in several agency settings as a crisis worker and other various positions. She realized simply…the model just didn’t agree with her. “I just never saw it as a sustainable system for lasting change.”

Lesley started her first wellness collective with a colleague and eventually, healers began to flock to the center, asking to join and rent space with her and her growing team.

That model continues to be successful for her and her group of talented therapists and body workers at HoloBeing.

What she realized was that in order to create a lifestyle for therapists that works, pays the bills, and allows for the ultimate freedom: freedom of time, she needed to help healers “up their game.”

Oftentimes, therapists give so much of themselves. Lesley calls it “bottomless giving.” From her own struggles and life experience, she decided to bring her business savvy, specific to the industry, and created her HoloPreneur program.

Therapists and healers in the HoloPreneur program get access to individual business coaching with Lesley, a peer support group, graphic design services, visibility online such as the HoloBeing website and social media channels, as well as marketing and event support. And, keeping in tune with the struggles of small business or “solopreneur” businesses, Lesley keeps the program costs affordable and accessible.

Members learn how to accept abundance, charge what they are worth, ask for what they need, and the importance of valuing their time.

In addition, they learn how to write contracts and what to make sure to include in them, how to collect payment from patients and clients, and how to be business savvy, while maintaining their true identity at the same time. “The two can go together,” Lesley insists, “and, it makes your practice even more robust which means you can give more to your clients than you had ever thought before.”

During and after completing the program, participants often say they, “feel so much more oriented as to what they can say yes or no to, they feel more like an ‘adult’, they know how to price and sell their product, and more than anything…they feel relieved,” she says.

The HoloPreneur program will be launching virtually later this year. Stay on top of all things HoloBeing and HoloPreneur by subscribing to our e-newsletter and following our Facebook Page. If you or someone you know would benefit from this program, please do not hesitate to contact us at (720) 244-9665 or by emailing [email protected].

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