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Why am I unhappy?
Will I be single forever?
Am I depressed?
Will my business ever take off?
When does ‘you’ll get over it,’ begin?
Why does it seem like certain things keep happening to me over and over again?

These are just a few of the many questions that may run through your mind. And, if so, you are not alone. We all have issues in our lives that we need to work through. Asking yourself the important questions is a great first step, but discovering the answers requires digging deep within. If you want to be healthy, feel good and create the life of your dreams, you have to begin with your mind.

It’s your birthright to be happy, and exploring your mind is the key to unlocking the pathway to this birthright.

Getting To Know You
You may be we wondering why you’re in your current situation – be it emotionally, financially, professionally or even socially. In doing so, you have to look at what’s happened in your life and the impact that it’s had in relation to everything else that’s ever unfolded in your personal experiences. You have to understand that your wounds, your joys and even your pain influences who you are. This type of awareness will allow you to begin making the choices that make you feel good.  Awareness is the ‘golden ticket’ that you need to create the experiences that you want to have in the present and the future. It’s your responsibility to get to know yourself better and understand how your past, your relationship with yourself and the choices you’ve made have influenced the life you’re living today.

The Role of the Mind in Healing
Western medicine is catching on, and many other medical and healing traditions have long known, that the Mind plays a crucial role in healing and well-being.  Science has now made it trackable and observable that our mindset and our thoughts relate directly with the state of our bodies.  Just one example is that stressful thoughts immediately create a cascade of physiological results including inflammation, thickening of the blood, constriction of digestive function and muscle contraction.  This one simple example can show us how living in a state of mental stress can impact how we feel on every level.  We can even have a healthy diet, exercise regularly and have a strong spiritual practice, but practice stressful or unhealthy thought patterns. These thought patterns truly limit how healthy our lives and our bodies can become, regardless of our other habits.

Holistic Help, Holistic Healing
If you’ve been emotionally wounded or have suffered trauma, chances are it has affected your health, as your emotional and psychological health is tantamount to your overall health.  HoloBeing Wholeness Center offers multiple resources that can help you work through the healing and personal exploration processes – whether it’s abortion support, grief counseling, business coaching, pre and post marital counseling or even treatment for drug, sexual, physical or emotional abuse – all with a holistic approach.  Many of our offered healing modalities focus exactly on healing the Mind – our relationship with it, developing awareness to it, and clearing it of un-needed thought patterns, clutter and trauma.  From psychotherapy to somatic experiencing to core synchronism and more – our multifaceted, dynamic mix of practitioners take into consideration you as a whole being.

Journey Into Your Mind
HoloBeing recognizes that the Mind is an incredible place – a place you must start on your journey to wholeness. It is the foundation that you need for healthy change. We’re committed to supporting you through the process of getting to the most successful and healthiest ‘self’ possible. You have only one amazing life. Wouldn’t you like to know yourself better? I invite you to take that first step toward this journey to a better, happier you by setting an appointment with one of our practitioners. Remember, a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

HoloBeing is committed to serving you in MIND Body and Spirit.

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