Why you need a budget (Yes, we said the b-word.)

A vision of secure attachment.

A secure attachment to money is key to your business success. Being securely attached in your money relationship means that you have a sweet, trusting and healthy marriage with your money house. It means you feel connected, oriented, available and present to your financial affairs, you aren’t distracting or resisting and you can tell a coherent narrative about your money history and you’re aware of your money wounds but they don’t have a hold on you.

Money matters, like it or not.

Money is, well, kind of a big deal. For many people, money talk is more taboo than speaking about sex! BUT, for better or worse, modern living requires money for food, shelter, and transportation- in short we are required to be in relationship with dollars if we want to survive let alone thrive.

Earning isn’t always the biggest issue, though it’s an important part of our work and lives, after all, we grow our businesses, save for the future and pay ourselves mainly by making money.  However, most difficult is how we manage our relationship to money. In practice, this means how we think about, feel about and organize (read: budget) the money that is (or is not) coming in.
You may wonder… Where exactly do ! begin, and how do you make the right choices to budget correctly? It may at FIRST feel overwhelming and take some time to learn the ropes, but at the end of the day, budgeting is something that you can conquer as you juggle the crazy and wonderful path of being an holistic entrepreneur.

Are you resisting the “money monsters”?

When I (Lesley) first tried to sort out my own finances and find coherence there, I found that I was a more than a little hesitant (read: downright resistant) because it required that I come face-to-face with my money stories, money wounds, and money monsters.

Fortunately a coach sat with me while I worked through the painful and confusing money stories I had accumulated over my life. I committed to living in right relationship to my finances. Even though I wasn’t sure it was possible, I was determined to try.

Heal your money wounds to work in integrity.

At HoloBeing, we help you clear your money wounds, stories and patterns so that you too can find a healthier relationship with finances. Through awareness we are able to find clarity and change flows naturally from there. It’s imperative that you understand your own money history, your unconscious beliefs, the patterns you enact around money and your wishes and desires if you wish to achieve the essential coherent narrative. Only when we make the implicit explicit are we able to access our choices.

We are committed to helping you get clarity so that you don’t enact and create (or recreate) unhealthy money habits which lead to roadblocks on your success. What’s important is that you need to be kind to yourself during this process and to not get bogged down by the thought of being responsible for your own finances.

If we aren’t in integrity with our finances, chances are we are spending a lot of energy to not deal with this aspect of our business—and that unconscious energy drains away. For many of us, finance might the biggest hurdle initially. But not for long!

You, yes you, can successfully manage a budget.

When considering your finances and figuring out how the heck you’re going to budget, there’s much to consider.  Our relationship with money sometimes reminds us of not-so-pleasant memories. This can throw us off the path we want to walk.  Starting is hard, but passing that initial stage you’ll feel great about your progress.

We all have different views on money, and most of us don’t even notice it until much later in life. Think about the way that you speak about money, or how money makes you feel. How did your family or the people around you view it? These questions are important because it could have had an effect on the way you think about it yourself.  Unbeknownst to you, it can even leave unresolved feelings that are difficult to address.

For most of us, we need to heal the wounds that aren’t allowing us to actualize the profit that we want. This involves looking at our beliefs and emotions, and exploring how they got there. Then we can create new money stories that lead to a business that supports us in every way.

Through the Fellowship Circle, you’ll find a path that helps clear those feelings surrounding money and heal yourself to gain much needed clarity. We believe there is a correct way to approach and control your finances. You’re going to be surprised at how you’ll find your way to this resolution.

Learn through deliberate practice.

It’s said that to truly be an expert, one must commit 10,000 hours (or TEN years!) of their life to what they want to be the best at. Many athletes, dancers, artists, wood and ironsmiths, musicians (and more) have spent countless days and nights at concerts, on the field or in front of easel to hone their craft. And while we want you to become confident and self-possessed with managing your finances, we surely don’t expect you to tackle our program for ten straight years.

Instead, we want to take a journey with you that lasts just one year and in those twelve months you’ll be making incredible strides that would impress any self-proclaimed expert out there! You will be the master of your own finances and become a budgeting warrior, capable of running your own business.

Discover your budgeting superpowers.

Becoming self-aware about your finances will eventually become one of your greatest tools. It will lead you to the goals you set out for yourself and bring you the success you deserve.

Figuring out the relationship that you have with money is of the utmost importance because it shapes the way you’ll approach it in the future. Sometimes that means we have to work through some pretty difficult feelings or emotions! But we are here to give you the support you need to navigate through that tangled web so that clarity and relief and greater empowerment can be found.

Join a Fellowship Circle.

We can help you to:
◍ Track your cash inflow/outflow

◍ See the big picture and save for the future

◍ Uncover insights about the right action steps to take to grow your income

◍ Structure your business to meet financial goals

Through each one of these concepts you’ll find it much easier to tackle what was once your “dreaded” finances. You might even enjoy approaching this aspect of your business too! Really!

Many of our program members have felt fear, resistance and even tears when we first launch into the money aspect of our work together. And over the course of the year, every single one of them has also grown tangibly more empowered, savvy, comfortable and confident in the topic of money and money management. We want to get rid of the daunting feeling you get when thinking about your finances. By the end of our program, you’ll discover just how capable you are at handling money.

HoloBeing’s Fellowship Circle supports holistic businesses owners of all kinds – especially healer-types – to find their business strengths and the business growth strategies that resonate deeply with their being.  We support you through exploring your business and money light and shadow so that you can move past deep-seated blocks and grow the business and life that you are capable of.  Read more about the one-of-a-kind Fellowship Circle here, the benefits of our group and how you can join.

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