Is your “Money Shadow” holding you back? Or outright sabotaging you?

Understand your money stories.

As a business owner, you probably recognize that you could benefit from a solid relationship with money, accounting systems and financial reports. But money isn’t solely about the numbers. Achieving financial literacy tends to be fraught with at least some amount of emotion, even some deep emotional wounding  because the qualitative, feminine and non-linear aspects of money are also essential in creating a solid money house. When we have unhealed money wounds our hearts ache, our guts churn and can feel capsized by great shame, dread, fear and insecurity. AND, despite what your viscera tells you (read: screams) a secure attachment in your relationship with money is within reach.

How’s your money savvy?

In our experience, healer-types have a particularly hard time with the topic of finances. There are some straight-forward reasons for this, i.e.. its not taught in healing arts schooling, the healers/ helpers complex, healer-types tend to be more right-brained, etc.  We heart-centered folks require a bit more when it comes to the business side of our businesses. Steeped in the deep healing work of relationship, holding space, compassion/ empathy we can struggle to excel in the transactional aspect of business ownership. These struggles show up in as many ways as there are practitioners!

Have you ever made a business decision about spending or charging based on solely on your mood?
Or not asked for enough compensation for your work, that left you feeling depleted and resentful?
Have you ever ‘forgot’ to charge a client or allowed them to late cancel repeatedly without addressing your cancellation policy?
Have you ever felt worthless or experienced deep dread when checking your account balance? Or flat out avoided your account only attending to it when you receive an overdraft notice?

No judgment here, you’re not the only one.

Not surprisingly, we’ve seen QuickBooks bring more than one healing practitioner to tears. And that’s OK with us, we’ve been there too! But you’ll also want a plan of action going forward to be in right relationship with your money and leave the tears and meltdowns behind.

Heal your money wounds.

Please know that you can be an amazing healer AND make a great living, and feel great with money.  Healing your relationship with money is not only possible, it’s the only way to create a sustainable, nourishing practice that truly serves you and your clients longterm. AND, if your not in right-relationship with money chances are you are in ‘wrong’ relationship with it; meaning your relationship to money is either unhealthy, unproductive, unhappy or stuck. Moreover, its safe to assume that if you have not explicitly attended to your money story that unexamined content/ content is in the drivers seat, not you.

Whether you “never had enough” or always felt guilty or ashamed at having more wealth than others, you likely have some stories and limiting beliefs about money.

Through money work, we typically find additional deeply embedded narratives operating below our conscious awareness. And these hidden aspects often drive our money behaviors in unhelpful ways. Further, societal expectations and mores around money can become barriers to growth, holding us back from reaching our full potential.

Your fears, resistances, and frustrations are calls to action.
Relating to money means taking a good long look at our feelings and thoughts about money. To be successful in our holistic businesses, we ultimately have to get comfortable with whatever comes up for us when we work on “the numbers”. We then can build systems that work for us. We can help you find a relationship with money and finances and a way to develop systems that feel like a real good fit for you, and that bring you energy and a sense of empowerment.

Don’t do the tough money work alone.

Money work kicks up a lot of dust, after all, our money stories come from our (sometimes very painful) past. We often either inadvertently recreate whatever was familiar to our upbringing or do the opposite in an attempt to protect ourselves. But both those reactions are coping mechanisms and not ultimately curated and intentional.  We can help you do this deep and important work with kindness and super-support. Through specific exercises and ongoing conversation in our Fellowship Circle format, you can start to feel a lot more comfortable around this fairly taboo topic.

Frankly, most of us have serious money wounding. We all have deeply held stories and beliefs around finances. Everyone’s relationship with money is highly personal and requires individual attention, but we can go farther faster when working alongside other “fellow travelers” on the journey.

Join us on your journey.

If you’d like support of a group of people who “get it” — who’ve felt or are currently feeling similar growing pains —  you can. Join the Fellowship Circle today.

HoloBeing’s Fellowship Circle supports holistic businesses owners of all kinds – especially healer-types – to find their business strengths and the business growth strategies that resonate deeply with their being.  We support you through exploring your business and money light and shadow so that you can move past deep-seated blocks and grow the business and life that you are capable of.  Read more about the one-of-a-kind Fellowship Circle here, the benefits of our group and how you can join.

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