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The journey of the mind & self-discovery is full of beauty and struggle. At Holobeing we offer a range of services designed to help you grow in a safe, supported and nurturing environment. 

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Receive support, training, guidance and expertise towards achieving your specific personal or professional goals.


lesley glenner:
couples counseling, coaching

60 min / $150 

lesley glenner:
money, business coaching

60 min / $150 

aubree brown:
transformational coaching

50 min / $100 

heather bowen ray:
habit coaching, corporate consulting

60 min / $99 

tawney pierce:
transformational life coaching

60 min / $120


Personal interaction that aims to improve your well-being and mental health, resolve troublesome behaviors, beliefs, thoughts, or emotions, and improve relationships.


lesley glenner:
attachment-based individual / couples therapy

60 min / $145 

tracy cobb:
mindfulness-based somatic therapy

60 min / $100  

liz long:
somatic psychotherapy

60 min / $125

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