We Saved You A Seat

Its 2:15 on a Thursday afternoon, we take our seats in a small office in central Boulder. The room is bright, clean and the sun pours in through the west-facing windows. Someone draws the shades and the filtered white light gives our faces a warm glow.

We sit in a circle preparing to share what’s alive for us in our busy business and personal lives. We begin checking in, carefully avoiding chatter and small talk.

One of us is elated, having just met her income goal for the third month in a row. The circle smiles at her success and few
snap their fingers in cheer. Another of us is on the brink of weeping, going through a rough relationship transition. The listeners’ eye soften collectively.

Others listen and share their own stories from the week; stories of successes and challenges of wins and lessons — and how they each feel at this moment in time. By the time check-ins are complete we know who is in the room today.

We are healers and business owners operating in the “timeless fellowship of the human spirit.”  We feel invited into the discussion. We are fellow travelers… making our way together. 

The only requirement for showing up is to be real, to be ourselves. To bring our weary parts and our battle cries and our celebrations as they present themselves.

We aim to see and be seen as we actually are. To hear and be heard. Witnessing each other in the moment, exactly as we are, requires nuanced understanding and profound bravery. We share the goal of operating in the world as our full, authentic selves- living business ownership holistically. Creating a rock solid foundation, a steady base for growth.

The room is full of life, teeming with energy and the sense of knowing what it is to be fully awake and alive.

And we’re saving a seat for you. 


HoloBeing’s Fellowship Circle supports holistic businesses owners of all kinds – especially healer-types – to find their business strengths and the business growth strategies that resonate deeply with their being.  We support you through exploring your business and money light and shadow so that you can move past deep-seated blocks and grow the business and life that you are capable of.  Read more about the one-of-a-kind Fellowship Circle here, the benefits of our group and how you can join.

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