The Power of Feeling into the Quantum (as opposed to “Manifesting”) 

Have you ever experimented with manifesting, visualization, or the law of attraction? Some people swear by this technique, while others find challenges or barriers still exist to bring the outcomes they desire.
At HoloBeing, we’ve found that practitioners find the greatest authentic success when they approach the idea of getting “what they want” when they first deeply explore their wishes from a grounded, realistic starting point. Essentially, we need to become the person we want to be to draw into our lives the experiences and things that we say that we want.
Dreams do, in fact, start to materialize when you (1) feel into who you are now, (2)  explore underneath the surface of what makes you feel good, sensing the full potential of your gifts and talents and (3) align your actions to these factors.
Feeling into your experience. 
Basically, we are the sum total of our feelings. We are our feelings. Those feelings are our experience of life. And the culmination of our life experiences are observable in each moment if we are present, attuned and paying attention.
To bring change into your life—whether money, jobs, relationships, or other opportunities—you must first get in touch with your deep desires.
Sit and feel your emotions. Let yourself “feel the feelings you want to feel.”
Thinking about what we want isn’t a solid of a tool for bringing something into our lives.
Feeling into it is.
Knowing what you truly want. 
While we may initially feel that our deep desires involve material wealth, status, or influence — all that modern society deems important — we owe it to ourselves to examine these wishes.
Yes, money in the bank may be helpful, but there is likely more that you want.
When we’re trying to “get what we want—just because we want it,” we aren’t practicing holistic thinking.  It’s common to make the mistake of seeking to bring things into our life, expecting these things to make us feel better than we feel now.
What we envision needs to come from a place of empathy and compassion for ourselves and others, the “living organism of humanity” in the world.
Yet what we really want, is to feel different, and better than we feel now. We desire to feel more whole, expansive, and connected.
What we really want, is to feel different, and better than we feel now. We desire to feel more whole, expansive, and connected.
Taking Inspired Action.
Often the trouble with the language and paradigm of “manifesting” is that we believe if we only think about it harder or more often, that we will get what we want.
While it can work like that at times, there is less potency and grounding in just thinking and expecting things to materialize than if we were to match our thoughts to some concrete, practical action steps.
When we start to act in ways that line up with what we want, our experiences begin to line up with us as well.
Basically, you can’t think your way through this, you have to take action and do your work.
We’ve heard it called “inspired action” or “purposeful action” — to move toward what you’ve located as a desire, you must move toward the person you truly want to become.
Combining thoughts, feelings, and bodily action yields results sooner and better than using the mind alone. While manifesting something may work at times, it doesn’t work as powerfully as with this combination and it may not draw to you what’s truly aligned with your ability to live your best and most purpose-filled life.


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