Shared Office Space for Wellness Practitioners in Boulder

HoloBeing Wellness Community has an exciting opportunity and it could be your golden ticket!

For those of you who don’t know, HoloBeing is a integrative practice model for therapists, body workers and holistic practitioners alike. HoloBeing offers comprehensive business coaching programs to help wellness practitioners build their practices and vibrant, beautiful office space.

HoloBeing has the opportunity to expand into the movement studio next door.

The space will offer all the great features practitioners have come to love at HoloBeing. We’d love to use the space to support movement practitioners in growing their practice..

Are you a movement practitioner ready to take your practice to the next level?

Do you know someone who is?

We’d love to offer you vibrant studio space for classes and events for up to 30 participants.

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  • Access to a beautifully furnished and well-managed studio space
  • 360 Marketing and Promotion through all of our channels
  • Complete Support through our HoloPreneurs program (link here to a page promoting the program)
    • 90-Day Workbook + materials
    • Weekly Practitioner Meetings (Wednesdays 1-2pm)
    • Monthly business building brain storming session
    • Professional SEO and Graphic Design    


  • Your Bio on HoloBeing’s high traffic website
  • Landing Page link to Your website + HoloBeing Specialty Page
  • Monthly Inclusion in HB Newsletter + Marketing Efforts
  • Monthly Promotion on Social Media + Community Boards
  • Reciprocity with private office space at HoloBeing
  • Use of HoloBeing infrastructure and pipeline
  • No fuss; cleaning, utilities and tea and water are included!
  • We are thrilled to offer 20% Finders Fee for any referral who enrolls into the ‘Become a HoloPreneur Program’



In addition to all the great features outlined above, this offer represents a rare opportunity to teach classes and take home all the profits from your class. Practitioners can set their own prices and take home ALL profit from classes. The house does not take a cut.

If we do the math…

A savvy and motivated practitioner can earn upwards of $5k gross per month teaching just 5 classes per week!

Ex. Assume 6 classes/wk charging $16/student with an average of 15 students/class = $1920/wk —> $6192/ mo (Gross Rev) = $74,304/yr

You’ll have has all perks of owning a space without the overhead costs and risk of taking of leasing your own space. This is a turn-key opportunity clarify you mean here

HoloBeing will market on your behalf, you can take advantage of the HoloBeing infrastructures and pipelines and benefit from HoloBeing’s good reputation and visibility. This is invaluable!

Contact Lesley today to take advantage of this lucrative opportunity! Agreements must be signed by August 1st for an October 1st start date.

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