Still not healed from having an abortion?

Having an abortion is a major life event that can take a long time to heal. You may be feeling less than yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually. You may be feeling alone. Your relationships may have changed. You also are more than likely feeling an intense sense of loss and sadness. You may also feel regret. These are all normal ways to feel and we really advise having someone to talk to and reading supportive material as you transition back to “normalcy.”

Simply starting your journey toward healing is admirable. We welcome you here. At HoloBeing, we take a non-judgmental and supportive approach to our abortion coaching. One way to begin is by downloading our free ebook below.

Are you ready to take your next step?

This free ebook may help you sort out all the feelings you’re having about this issue. Just enter your email address, and you can download it immediately.

I hope that this ebook helps you understand all the feelings you’re having as you face into this issue. I would love to help you navigate this decision so that you can find peace, either way, or even find peace with a past abortion decision that may be haunting you.

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