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What makes Fellowship Circles so affordable? 

HoloBeing’s Fellowship Circles offer immense — potentially life changing — value. The circles are high-touch, in-person, intuitive and psychologically safe, by design. Fortunately this is NOT yet another inauthentic, online, automated program. It is a weekly mastermind meeting with your peers and facilitated by highly trained and experienced practitioners. Its a weekly opportunity for mirror neurons to turn on and light up.

We’ve witnessed the power of group dynamics first hand. All those who have completed the work in a HoloBeing program have ultimately succeeded, according to their personal definition of success, in their business.

We get asked often about what our program is so affordable. Its almost like people feel skeptical because it doesn’t cost a fortune. So, we thought we’d tell you exactly why is the investment to join a Fellowship Circle so low (relatively speaking).

While most business coaching programs ask for a big (and sometimes painful) investment up-front, we’ve made entry to our program easy for almost an small business owner. At $150/month, the cost of joining a Fellowship Circle is cheaper than some gym memberships.

The Top Five Reasons why Fellowship Circles are Priced Affordably 
1. Affordability expands reach.  We want to share the transformational experience of deep introspection with any healer-type who is struggling or wrestling with some aspect of life or business. The group setting enhances the introspective experience while lowering the cost per person. In this way, we support the entire community.  Community is our core value, which you can read more about here. We are far more concerned with assisting practitioners in need then we are with making millions, just kidding, thousands 🙂

2. This pricing reflects a cost-sustainable model for our members. As holistic practitioners we generally don’t see huge profits at the beginning. Especially here in Boulder, where cost of living and working in high, most practitioners struggle to make ends meet the first few years often resorting to second and third jobs or gigs to be in the black. We want our members to thrive and aren’t interested in contributing to financial strain. We are here as a launchpad.

3. An abundance mindset comes in myriad shapes and sizes. Our clients are real people with real budgets. Frankly, we disagree with the psychology of pitches that claim, “You have to invest a lot to see results!” This language should be reserved for business-to-business relationships only. When it comes to individual and entrepreneurial transformation, it’s more about effort, commitment and leverage than financial investment alone.

4. All are welcome. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. We’re not an “exclusive” program for the cool kids, we’re for everyone. All are welcome in this space. Our only requirement is that you bring your whole self and be real. It’s simple, easy, and affordable to join. Yet the work—introspection and growth— is challenging. Even though we are supporting you, we understanding that you will be doing the heavy lifting. Nobody can transform you, but you.

5. It’s an ethical win-win pricing model. Beyond our time and the space we provide, there are not a lot of hard costs associated with this program. So, we see an opportunity to “level the playing field” for all healers to benefit. We strive to be egalitarian, not elitist, as described above.

We’re not offering a quick decision discount, and we don’t want to penalize people who have to pay monthly (vs. a lump sum up front). We’ve seen many 3-month wealth-building programs that charge an arm and a leg to participate, even at the lowest level of entry (which often means no personalized coaching or feedback at all).

On the other hand, we can’t do it for free. 
The fellowship program’s monthly fee covers our hourly client-facing time with you, our behind-the-scenes administrative work and the rent and maintenance of our beautiful community space.

True to our values, we make ourselves available even outside of group meeting times to build and maintain real relationships with our circle members and to be of assistance. It’s not just a coaching program, it’s a wellness community that we love and care about.

We are proud to offer a coaching program with no gimmicks, no hidden fees and no surprise offers. We don’t have a hidden agenda, nor do we want to be seen as anyone’s business gurus. Instead, we’re here to support you and guide you as you do the inner work and take practical action to build your business.

We hope you find this refreshing.

We’ve designed a group format that allows us to work with you in a custom way on your own money scripts, business barriers, and personal challenges. Are you ready to dig in?

Let’s begin.

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